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High Pulse Poker Rakeback

Follow these steps to get your High Pulse 50% rakeback

Now you can grab your very special bonus at the new poker-room of High Pulse. All you have to do is to enter the High Pulse Poker referral Code RAKEBACK50 and you get not only a 50% rakeback deal for all real-money games, you can even earn more money joining the affiliate program. Let's first have a quick look on how you can get your personal High Pulse Poker Rakeback deal of 50%.

  • Click here and download the software(32bit & 64bit) Download
  • Install the software and create a new account
  • Enter the High Pulse Poker Referral Code RAKEBACK50 during registration

Now you can immediately start playing. Either you can win free real money while you play one of the many daily freerolls or you can make your first deposit and start playing one of the real-money games. As soon as you participate in cash games or tournaments, you will get back 50% of the fees payed. Every Sunday evening your rakeback will be automatically transferred to your player-account. Once you have your High Pulse Poker rakeback deal you can additionally recruit further players to make extra money.

Make money by recruiting new players

At High Pulse you have the excellent opportunity to increase your income by bringing new players to the game. Unlike other poker-rooms, which offer you a fix amount of e.g. $50, you will receive additional rakeback off of these players. Beside your 50% deal you will get another 25% rake of all players you've recruited. These players can recruit then their own friends and you will get 12.5% of their rake and so on. In this system only the sky is the limit. You are the start, the level 1 and all players recruited by you are level 2. For each additional level you will get half the percentage of the rake of the players. Therefore you can achieve a large number of players which will earn money for you – now it is up to you – use the referral code RAKEBACK50 when signing up and try to recruit as many poker players as possible.

Get your 50% rakeback for all High Pulse cash-games now!

Affiliate level and step points

The mentioned percentage of all levels is the maximum possible percentage, which you can get from your players. It depends on your own level how much you will earn at the end. This is calculated from your own rake and the rake generated by your players. Let us have a closer look at all individual levels, the needed step-points and the rake share of players recruited by you, before we give you an example how to calculate the required step-points.

high pulse poker referral code

In any case you start with 10% rakeback for your own level, once you have reached 5 step-points, the rakeback of all other levels will be doubled. How fast you can reach each level you can find in the table below.


The rake of all players will be added together with the corresponding multiplier for each level. In this example you generated a rake of 1200€ with the multiplier x1 and get therefore 200 step points. Now you already reached affiliate step 4 and your rake will be paid with percentages listed above. In this example we made in level 2 to 4 further 500 step-points and are now able to get the maximum share of all players – in this case 350€.

Join the affiliate program today and start making money!